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February 22, 2021

Hours are abbreviated as h. An uppercase T can stand for tablespoon Adding a tablespoon T of garlic when the recipe only requires a teaspoon t can spell disaster.

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Weights liquid volumes lengths temperatures spoon sizes energy time amounts and serving.

Recipe abbreviations. If you have a collection of leftover butter pieces and need a cup amount for a recipe you can use the displacement method. RECHALLE - Rechar - RECHG - RECI - RECIP - RECIPES - RECIRC - RECIST - RECITE - RECK Discuss these Recipe abbreviations with. 05022021 Time is also abbreviated in many recipes.

Minutes are abbreviated as min. For example the tablespoon and teaspoon abbreviation may look very similar and can be mistaken for one another. Fill a liquid measuring cup with 1 cup cold water.

Awareness of common abbreviations equivalents substitutions cooking terms oven temperatures and tests for doneness in reading and following a recipe. Bch bch bn bn. Is the abbreviation for the Dutch oven that home bakers use to bake sourdough breads.

01012018 With the special abbreviations above my recipes you can follow a healthy way of life and make my recipes even better for your health or substitute certain foods to fit your particular diet depending on your needs. Bu bu bush bush. However some of the best culinary secrets are communicated on handwritten recipe cards and instructions quickly scribbled from memory with abbreviations providing a convenient shorthand.

If you bake sourdough you might want to know that sometimes sourdough is abbreviated SD. Bettys recipes dont use abbreviations but other recipes do so weve rounded up some common ones. A lowercase t can stand for teaspoon.

Other abbreviations you might need. Recipe Abbreviations Abbreviations are often found in recipes and on food labels in order to help you understand any that you come across we have compiled a comprehensive list of common abbreviations sorted into the following categories. Many professionally written recipes avoid abbreviations altogether for the sake of clarity and probably professionalism.

Place cold butter this wont work with soft butter into measuring cup until water level reaches the amount you need for the recipe. If recipe calls for 13 cup butter put butter pieces in until water level rises to 113. Find the common cooking abbreviations and their.

AP As purchased. Lb pound pound. BLT Bacon Lettuce Tomato.

All the articles are. Maybe you were looking for one of these abbreviations. Intended Learning Outcomes The students will be able to identify from reading and preparing recipes or written assignments the common abbreviations food preparation and measurement.

C C c c. 26012021 Refer to the list below to identify abbreviations that you see and can use in recipes.

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