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March 24, 2021

That is 2 parts A plus 2 parts B plus 100 parts distilled water. Pyrocat-HD at the 11100 dilution gives slightly greater effective film speed than other Pyro staining developers when negatives are developed to the same CI.

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The advantages over PMK that Mr.

Pyrocat hd recipe. For more information look HERE. Most shooters seem to settle on one film and one developer and hone their skill in using them to razor sharpness. In the image above I have burned in the sky corners to drop attention back into the image and increased the filter hardness for the mud.

Each type of film should be tested for proper EI and developing time. February 21 2016 March 26 2016. Pyrocat-MC is a new staining BW developer formulated by Pat Gainer and Sandy King and based on Sandys Pyrocat-HD that is made up as a stock solution in propylene glycol.

18102017 When mixing in glycol the Pyrocat-HDC recipe is recommended from the website. Pyrocat-HDC Solution A mixed in glycol Stock A Propylene Glycol at 150F 750ml Pyrocatechin 50 g Phenidone 25g Ascorbic Acid 40g Propylene Glycol to 1000ml Pyrocat-HDC gives almost identical results as Pyrocat-HD with most films and development methods. 14 minutes at 20C680F.

Pyrocat-HD is a semi-compensating high-definition developer formulated by Sandy King as an alternative to PMK. I have a recipe developed from based on information from Sandy King. 10 minutes at 21C698F.

Mix 6mL HC-110 syrup with 714ml water at 68 degrees 720mL working solution Gentle agitation for the first 30 seconds and then let it set for 30 minutes. 09102013 Black-and-White Film Development for Lazy People. PyroCat HD was formulated by Sandy King.

Presoak the film for 5 minutes in water at 68 degrees. 12092019 To make a standard working solution mix 1 part A with 1 part B with 100 ml water. It was formulated by Jay DeFehr in the USA and arrived on the scene with amazing claims of very fine grain high acutance good stain and extreme longevity as a single stock.

By adding the tiniest amount of Ascorbic acid we improve the sharpness of Pyrocat-HD even more without sacrificing the wonderful tonal qualities. As for printing with regular silver papers and with AZO or alternative processes with the same negatives. 09072006 Having had some success with Pyrocat-HD and bemoaning the short shelf-life of the stock solution kits from the Formulary I recently took it upon myself to mix up some of Patrick Gainers Cat-P-TEA using the recipe in the Photo Techniques article of a couple years back.

19092016 In a previous article I introduced the concept of eco-friendly darkroom chemicals. Initial agitation for 15 minutes then 10 s every 2. For over ten years my father has been exclusively using one type of photographic developer.

21022016 Recipe - Soupe du jour. One of my favorite developers of all time is Kodak D-76. Staining developers are those which cause the gelatin that supports the emulsion to be tanned by the by-products of the development process.

2 inversions every minute By bw-peter on 28 May 2020. My objective is to create negatives that scan well so Ill be using Pyrocat-MC as a two-part compensating developer. 510-Pyro is one of the new generation of staining and tanning developers and said to be similar to Pyrocat or PMK.

25 grams of Metol may be substituted for the Phenidone. 18112017 We use PyroCat HD at a mixture of 22100. Preparing to shoot my first BW 8x10 negatives and develop them using a Jobo drum on a Beseler motor base.

Foma Fomapan 100 in Photographers Formulary Pyrocat HD 11100. Pyrocat HD reduced agitation method for 27 minutes. 15062006 Hopefully your recipe will be for a Pyrocat HD stock A solution equivalent in development action to the standard Photographers FormularySandy King Pyrocat HD stock A solution There are various tidbits how some do this on APUG and Paula And Michaels Azo website but nothing comprehensive enough to go from step one to finish with confidence.

Dev times for Ilford Pan F 50 in Pyrocat HD 11100. Dev times using Developer Photographers Formulary Pyrocat HD Ilford HP5 400 in Photographers Formulary Pyrocat HD 22100. To do so I ordered 100g for Pyrocatechin from the Photographers Formulary.

Pyrocat-HD is not subject to problems with uneven development so agitation can be reduced to once per minute or less. The only thing I knew about it was that it was highly toxic and volatile. Ilford Pan F 50.

Pyrocat-HD Mod for enhanced stand development Ascorbic acid a form of Vitamin C has an additive effect with this developer specifically the Phenidone variant. 19072019 Dee Estuary near Dawn. King cites for his formula include an approximately 13-stop greater effective film speed 10-15 shorter development times more consistent staining action lower toxicity and no streaking or mottling with reduced agitation.

Its been said repeatedly that developing black-and-white film yourself at home is much easier and cheaper than might be expected. However before I commit the materials and time I would like to ask if anyone else is. Unfortunately at this time Freestyle does not offer a commercial-ready version of D-76 so I am taking the next best step and making my own formula and eliminating hydroquinone a carcinogen.

Pyrocat-HD is a better developer for making dual-purpose negatives ie. Freestyle does offer an eco-friendly. 06042019 The recipe is quite simple actually and will probably be the one I use for all of my stand developing needs.

FP4 exposed for 14 minutes.

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