Ojojo Recipe

August 06, 2021

1 medium sized water yam. 14042020 Preheat oil in a fry pan.

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Dip the scoop into the warm water before scooping the yam into the oil.

Ojojo recipe. Check it out below. Enough oil for frying ojojo. To know if its hot enough add a little of your mixture to the oil if it fries immediately then its ready and if it floats then wait a little till its ready for use.

1 stick of spring onion chopped. 09082018 Ojojo can be classed as a meal wherewhen its paired with Hot Pap Garri or Oatmeal. Scotch bonnet peppers atarodo Medium size onion.

27052013 Its Rubynnia again and this time around I want to show you how I prepared my Ojojo. 12 medium tuber water yam. 09022018 Ojojo which are basically water yam fritters is a finger food gotten from grated water yam.

It can also either be snacked on alone or accompanied with Pap wet corn starch Eko corn meal or. Great the yam with the use of the smaller surface of the grater. These crunchy yam fritters are indeed tasty and easy to make in the comfort of your home.

1 scotch bonnet pepper chopped. Grated the onion also. Beat in salt pepper and chopped onion.

Slicepeel and wash the water yam. Ojojo is a healthy snack due to its richness in fibre that aids bowel movement. Peel wash and grate yam.

Salt to taste. Add shrimps and magi. 2 tablespoons ground crayfish.

24012018 ojojo is deep fried sorry just like puff puff or akara you need to deep fry it to get its signature round shape. It is incredibly filling and very easy to prepare the whole process from start to finish should take no more than 45 minutes. Once the oil is hot enough scoop the yam mix into the hot oil using your hand or a.

1 teaspoon of all-purpose seasoning. 01042020 We thought trying out this great recipe of one of Nigerias most beloved staple food could help you better enjoy your weekend. Water yam is ideal for this delicacy because it draws after being grated unlike other yam species.

12 teaspoon of ground pepper. Lets hear your feedback when youve tried this yummy Ojojo recipe. Slowly mix together so as to allow airdo not over mix.

06052018 If you have never eaten any water yam recipes before it will be nice to start with Ojojo. Make sure the water yam soaks up the oil so the inner part would get done. 06112020 Preheat your oil for frying.

This delightful snack is quite popular in Southwestern Nigeria. So I will explain in details one step at a time. Add shrimps and maggi.

Then mix with a spatula or whisk. Thenadd the saltmagi and pepper. Get ready with the ingredients.

Ojojo food is easy to prepare the whole process from start to finish should take no more than 45 minutes. 12 medium size onion. Ojojo is made from grated water yam.

When Ojojo is paired with pap quaker oat or garri it can be considered a full meal. Taste for salt and add more as desired. Ojojo is popular among the Yorubas in the Western part of Nigeria.

All you need is your fresh water yam and very few veggies and seasonings. If the oil is too hot it will brown on the outside and be raw on the inside. 20072015 Whip with a wooden spoon a whisk or a food processor.

Peelwash and grate yam. 29042020 Read the steps below on how to make water yam fritters Ojojo and check out the Video above. Or a cookie scoop drop little to medium sized dollops of the yam puree into the oil and fry.

12112019 Authentic ojojo is made with water yam though we have other different ways of preparing ojojo. Fry in the preheated oil flip both sides till golden brown. Beat in salt pepper and chopped onion.

07122019 Ojojo is a traditional snack made from water yam. Taste for salt and add more as desired. It is very easy to prepare.

You can use normal yam sweet potatoes as a great substitute and the taste will still be amazing. Deep dry in deep oil. Ojojo needs to be deep fried in order to achieve its signature round shape.

Heat oil to 350 degrees and using a tbsp. 1 medium onion chopped.

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